Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You'll just have to "make do"....

Me as a Kid: "Mum, can I have a pony?"

Mum: "No Connie, we are poor so you will just have to make one out of cardboard".

Me: "But mum, all the other kids have ponies".

Mum: "Cry me a river".

Me:"My life sucks".

Sound familiar?

Well, there's no need for cardboard ponies to be second class citizens any longer!

Thanks to Makedo!

makedo is a reusable connector system that enables people to build and create by using found or reclaimed materials. It aims to inspire social change through playful creativity by injecting value into objects that might otherwise be considered waste.

With the makedo parts and a bit of playful creativity, people of any skill level can take everyday materials such as cardboard boxes, plastic containers and fabric scraps and connect them to create new things  – from cufflinks to costumes, rocket ships to furniture, stage sets to temporary shelters. 

makedo is made from nylon.  When recycled, the integrity of nylon isn’t degraded so the same material can be used over and over again without having to add in new virgin materials (as is the case when you recycle other kinds of plastic).

You can buy them in Freeplay kits, or specialty kits such as robots, flowers and dollhouses which include stickers.

Below are some wiggy photos of stuff people have made which appear on the Makedo website.

In the shop we currently stock the Freeplay kits which are $20,   the Robot and Flower kits which are $15 each and the Dollhouse kit which is $20.  They are not on our website yet, but you can email me here if you want me to hook you up.  They are fricken awesome.

And by the way, my old lady was never that mean.

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