Monday, August 29, 2011

The haunting continues....

Chapter 4. of the Owlly Stevie Nicks magic for you...I painted this painting a couple of months ago. 

It's been hanging in the hallway the whole time.  My friend Lesley walks past it every time she comes to my house, which is on average, say, twice a week.  Anyway, on Sunday just gone, she walks past it and goes, "oh my god, that Owl painting is that new?  where did you get it?  who painted it?"  I'm like, "dude, it's mine, I painted it, it's been there for've walked passed it like 30 times"  Lesley goes, "oh wow, I just got back from a road trip up north and I was talking to a friend of mine about the symbolism of having an owl visit you..."  No shit.  I said, "have you been reading my blog, about my owly shenanigans?".  She's like, "no, I've been on the road...but I want to buy that owl painting though, can you put a red sticker on it for me?"  Sweet as apples!! 

So there goes Chapter 4.....

And now I'm gonna sucker punch you with Chapter 5!

Today I went to the letterbox and there was a letter addressed to me.

Inside it was an early birthday card from a friend Becc together with this beautiful message....

along with a hand drawn picture of this little guy...

check out the edges all the way round.....connie connie connie...

I've been feeling really blessed in the friendship arena lately.  I must have done something in a past life to have such cool people wanna call me "friend".  Thank you my beautiful friends, I hold you high...

Well, I'm not sure if there will be any more Chapters in my book of owls...but I remain open hearted and joyful for their magic thus far.

As far as Stevie Nicks fitting into the owl equation...she doesn't....but I reckon that old witchy tambo swinging hippy would have had her fair share of owly shit go down too....surely....all those feathers and leather and top hats and lace are a dead giveaway I tell ya..

Actually, this is a pissa.  Just as I finished typing the above paragraph,  the heck of it, I just googled "Stevie Nicks Owl"...and look what came up.

She's a chick who does a Stevie Nicks Tribute Show which she calls  "Mystic Owl - Stevie Nicks Tribute".  And you can listen to her  audio!!  Does it get any more tragically cool?

Actually, I am gonna call that Chapter 6!



  1. Loving your Owl shenanigans lady! :) I hope there's a chapter 7! ;-) Love ya.

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