Friday, August 12, 2011

Get your Bromley on....

We are fortunate enough to get our hands on some truly beautiful David Bromley textile pieces which can be used as either wall hangings, quilts or throws.

Utilising vintage fabrics collected by David over a lifetime, and handcrafted responsibly in India, they feature Bromley’s unmistakable motifs – nudes, butterflies and storybook-inspired characters. 

David says, “The throws are on the back of a great fabric / textiles collecting habit. I couldn’t have made a throw without an old school / antique backing, as they are just so charming and so different and emotional in their feel.  So the idea was to combine a contemporary image (even though my work has a nostalgic narrative or style at times too) of mine on one side, and the antique on the reverse, hand stitched together.  The long lines of hand stitched application just ties the two quilts together and I think adds a lovely quality to the image. It was always important that they felt authentic and had a sense of originality and were not just a throw, but a thing valued… a sense that you wanted to fall asleep under a bunch of them and float off into dreamland”.

Below are some media shots of them, as well as the women artisans in India who hand sew them all....and a few village kids getting in on the photo opportunity!

The second lot of photos are those hanging in our store which are for sale. You really should come in & check them out because they really are so beautiful.

Whether they are hung on a wall, or wrapped around you, a Bromley throw is a truly unique piece of beautiful functional art.

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