Friday, June 8, 2012

Fire Hose Bags from Deutschland just in!

We're super excited to be a brand new stockist of German eco-accessories brand 'Feuerwear'.

The Cologne-based company 'Feuerwear,' who gets its name from a play on the German word for fire brigade (Feuerwehr), takes fire hoses and turns them into fashion.

Feuerwear produces a range of bags and accessories made of used fire hose. The concept: individual fashion with a strong commitment to the environment and preserving resources.  

To top it off, they all have cool Fireman names such as Larry, Walter, Carl, Jack, Dan and....Hank!

Here's a sneek peek.  They're not on our website yet, but are available in store.

Call 000, cause this stuff's hot!

Jack - $165

Larry - $125

Carl - $150

Wallets - $60
Iphone Case - $50