Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I was feeling really cranky the other day and the dogs were driving me mad with "take me out, take me out, take me out NOW!!"....I couldn't put it off any longer so I begrudgingly took them out.  I know it sounds selfish, and it is, but sometimes, I just can't be fagged taking them out....

So, I drove out into the forest and let the dogs run free with the wind and I hit the trails.  I was shimmying along just checking out the sites.  Mossy old fallen logs, soft delicate ferns with tiny beads of rain on their fronds, squishy soft soil and clear beautiful blue skies.  Then it occurred to me how still and quiet it was.  It was as though time had stopped and I was the only thing moving. 

Then I listened for any sound that I could, any sound to convince me that I was in fact there in that moment.  The sound I heard was of birds, tweeting, singing, squawking, whistling...their wings fluttering as they dove from branch to branch exploring their own little corner of the sky. I looked up through the treetops and found a whole new world and it occurred to me that being a bird is the epitome of infinite freedom....go where you want, when you want, single or solo, no passports, no borders, no border patrols....a free ticket to fly.

This inspired my next collection of paintings, titled "Birdwatcher".  All available in the shop or on our website.

So, thanks to my dogs, for allowing me to find a pot of gold at the end of my selfish rainbow.  Sorry guys, I'll never begrudge taking you little punks out ever again!