Thursday, December 30, 2010

Favourite Songs...

I've been on a bit of a fitness regime since April this year, because my brother, whose 10 years older than me had a heart attack and, basically, it scared the shit out of me....

So, I decided to lay off the cans and hit the mighty pavement in pursuit of "the body healthy", rather than "the body beautiful" because, let's face it, at 41, you tend to be more concerned with the fact that your heart still beats rather than if your arse looks big in a pair of skinny jeans that you probably shouldn't be wearing in the first place....

What I didn't count on along the way was totally re-living all my favourite songs.  Every day, I just knock of work, chuck on the sneakers & crank up the old iPhone and I'm as happy as a pig in shit really.

I get totally lost in the lyrics of songs and I just daydream for 3 and a half minutes or so as I go on a journey in my mind of what the songwriter was thinking at the time of writing the song.....and then the magic shuffle man, gives me another song...and it's like groundhog day all over again...

What can I say, I'm easily pleased.

Anyway, today I thought I'd share one of my favourite songs to run to.  There are sooooo many, but I fricken love this song and it is even more special because my neice Katelin introduced me to the band.

Happy New Year Punks!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Picnics, what's not to love?

I went for a picnic the other day in the Wombat State Forest with Kyla and our gang of goldies....we took prawns, mangoes, champagne, mince pies, tea and a pack of cards.  

We went to Nolan's Bridge which is on Lerderderg Rd and it was like something out of Lord of the Rings.  I kept expecting to see little people hiding amongst the foliage.

It was truly beautiful, the mongrels frolicked in the water, we went sick on the beautiful feast we brought and played cards all arvo with the sun filtering through the beautiful canopy of the aussie bush.  

My heart was happy.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day Sales are Carnage

I'm not sure what Kyla and I were thinking when we decided to get up at 5.30am to go the boxing day sales at High Point Maribyrnong....affectionately known as "Knife Point" because, let's face it, it's a bit ghetto.  Not that there's anything wrong with ghetto, I'm totally down with ghetto, but by the end of the day as the crowds got worse, I did keep checking my lower right hand side to make sure no one had stolen a kidney.

Because we have our shop open most of the time, and live in a rural area, it's always a little exciting going to big shopping centres (I know, I need to get a life)...but the thought of the magic of Boxing Day sales almost seemed more exciting than Christmas Day itself (sorry baby Jesus).

So, we rocked up and drove straight up to the roof and scored a park straight away.  I'll say we walked "briskly" towards the doors but to be honest, it was more of a jog, but I tried to look cool and not like one of those freaks on TV who trample other fellow humans who get in the way of a bargain, or worse still, be the loser who GETS trampled...these things are important ya know.

We made a beeline straight for Glue Store (personal fave) and started rummaging within an inch of the doors...and it didn't stop for about 90 mins or so I guess.  I kept stopping to drink (it's important to keep hydrated when you're on the big jobs), then I'd got straight back into it, ensuring not to make eye contact with other fellow shoppers because, let's face it, that split second you stop to smile or make chit chat, some bastard may have swiped that gorgeous silky soft Mooks Tshirt that you'd been scoping out.

It's every man for himself in these situations, so Kyla & I separated and then hooked up about 90 mins later to compare booties.  Funny thing was, after 90 mins and thousands of items later, all I had was a $30 tshirt which wasn't even on sale and Kyla had 2 tshirts which were like 10% off (big dealio, right?).  It was time to blow that store and do a bit more reconnaissance out in the rest of the Centre.

Next stop Rebel Sport. Kyla got a new bike from Santa and is embarking on a fitness regime for 2011. She tracked down some resistance bands and decided that this was the item for her!  Bought it, $40, not even on sale...losers or what?

By this time, it must have been about 1 pm and when we came out into the main centre, it was fricken carnage.  Every man, woman, child, nanna, stroller, trolley, wheelchair, tuk tuk, in Victoria was there and Kyla started having a mild panic attack when the crowds came to a complete standstill and we couldn't move to get out or go back.  It was like a scene in those horror home video shows when everyone is just standing there enjoying themselves and then the floor when I thought of the possibility of that, I started freaking out too and we just ducked & weaved with the stealth of two big white ninjas to get to the safety of our car.  Phew.  Death averted = good day out I reckon.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Get your blog on....

Ok, so I said at the start of the year that I was gonna dedicate 2010 to going hard core on the whole social media side of things. I was feeling like I had been sucked into an old person's body because I knew nothing about blogging, vlogging, tweeting, blah blah blah....anyway, so I have 11 days left of 2010 to get my blog on and here it is, my first entry.

I feel slightly self conscious really, even though no one is here watching me type, but the thought of sending my uncensored thoughts out into the universe for every freak to read is both scary and liberating at the same time.  Speaking of liberating, I had my hair cut the other day.....short.  I've never had short hair in my life so here's a photo of the new feels awesome not having a big mop of fuzz on the back of my neck...

So follow me if you will....stalker.