Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day Sales are Carnage

I'm not sure what Kyla and I were thinking when we decided to get up at 5.30am to go the boxing day sales at High Point Maribyrnong....affectionately known as "Knife Point" because, let's face it, it's a bit ghetto.  Not that there's anything wrong with ghetto, I'm totally down with ghetto, but by the end of the day as the crowds got worse, I did keep checking my lower right hand side to make sure no one had stolen a kidney.

Because we have our shop open most of the time, and live in a rural area, it's always a little exciting going to big shopping centres (I know, I need to get a life)...but the thought of the magic of Boxing Day sales almost seemed more exciting than Christmas Day itself (sorry baby Jesus).

So, we rocked up and drove straight up to the roof and scored a park straight away.  I'll say we walked "briskly" towards the doors but to be honest, it was more of a jog, but I tried to look cool and not like one of those freaks on TV who trample other fellow humans who get in the way of a bargain, or worse still, be the loser who GETS trampled...these things are important ya know.

We made a beeline straight for Glue Store (personal fave) and started rummaging within an inch of the doors...and it didn't stop for about 90 mins or so I guess.  I kept stopping to drink (it's important to keep hydrated when you're on the big jobs), then I'd got straight back into it, ensuring not to make eye contact with other fellow shoppers because, let's face it, that split second you stop to smile or make chit chat, some bastard may have swiped that gorgeous silky soft Mooks Tshirt that you'd been scoping out.

It's every man for himself in these situations, so Kyla & I separated and then hooked up about 90 mins later to compare booties.  Funny thing was, after 90 mins and thousands of items later, all I had was a $30 tshirt which wasn't even on sale and Kyla had 2 tshirts which were like 10% off (big dealio, right?).  It was time to blow that store and do a bit more reconnaissance out in the rest of the Centre.

Next stop Rebel Sport. Kyla got a new bike from Santa and is embarking on a fitness regime for 2011. She tracked down some resistance bands and decided that this was the item for her!  Bought it, $40, not even on sale...losers or what?

By this time, it must have been about 1 pm and when we came out into the main centre, it was fricken carnage.  Every man, woman, child, nanna, stroller, trolley, wheelchair, tuk tuk, in Victoria was there and Kyla started having a mild panic attack when the crowds came to a complete standstill and we couldn't move to get out or go back.  It was like a scene in those horror home video shows when everyone is just standing there enjoying themselves and then the floor when I thought of the possibility of that, I started freaking out too and we just ducked & weaved with the stealth of two big white ninjas to get to the safety of our car.  Phew.  Death averted = good day out I reckon.

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  1. I hear ya ... I hate when everyone just stops! Yesterday I finally decided it was pointless to try and pass people, and more relaxing(!) to just go with the flow. Slower, but much less stressful. By the way, I got there just before 5 and it was just as bad as you describe, plus people were just abandoning their cars wherever they could as there were no spaces left. Unbelievable!