Friday, August 26, 2011

It's a miracle!

Ok, so I posted last week about going to see the band Owl Eyes at the Palais here in Hepburn Springs.  It was a wiggy night out, despite some dude standing in front of me as soon as the band began and when I got up from my table to get him to move, I accidentally pulled the table cloth off the table and smashed all the glasses and spilt a whole votive of candle wax on my brand new jeans.....

But that's not the story here.  The story has a new chapter.  

I got to Chapter 2 in my last post, where I shared that I was walking home (ok maybe stumbling) and I saw a bird fly over head, out the front of the next door neighbour's house and land right above me.  I stopped to check it out, and to my disbelief it was a fricken owl.  No shit.  There were some chicks having a fag out the front of the neighbour's house and I whispered about the owl and one of them came out and we stood, drunkenly, ogling at the majestic beauty.  It checked us out, flew off, did a 360 degree swoop and came back and landed there again.  We checked eachother out again, and then I continued on my way.  I have lived here nearly 7 years and never ever seen an owl here.  A dirty old maggie, sure, but negatory on the owl sightings.

So, here comes Chapter 3.  Yesterday, exactly 7 days after my owl fiasco, I was sitting in the sun out the front.  I was playing with the back of my hair because I had had it cut a few days earlier and was wondering whether the hairdresser hadn't graded it properly and it felt a bit chunky.  I go to Kyla, "hey, check the back of my hair out, does it look weird, it feels chunky, like she didn't cut it right."  Kyla takes a look and goes, "Holy shit, you gotta check this out".  I thought the hairdresser must have given me a dodgy rat's tail or something unbeknown to me, so Kyla went inside and grabbed the camera.  

Before I post the photo of the back of my head, I just wanna show you this.

This is a horn owl lamp that we sell in the shop.

And this my friends is the photo of the back of my head.

Freaky much?

Could be worse I guess.....could have been 666.

I am having a tortilla for lunch.....guess what I'm lookin' for?

Will there be a Chapter 4?

I'll just have to wait and see.

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