Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Nancybird....nice

Here's the latest offering from Nancybird....divine.

Limited Edition Maya Bag - for more info. click here

Scarf bag - for more info. click here.

Spring Racing Clutch - for more info. click here

Embossed bag - for more info. - click here

Limited Edition Kalbarri Wallet - for more info. click here

West Bag - for more info. click here

Oak Wallet - for more info click here

Bedford Wallet - for more info. click here

This season Emily has done both her Spring/Summer 2012 Range and her Classic Range as well as a first time project of a limited edition range.  It is a collaboration between Emily and some of her artist friends.  It was inspired by native orchids which grow on her partner's property in the north east of Victoria.  She also spoke with Bush Heritage Australia, who are an organisation who buy land of high conservation value, and manage the flora and fauna of that land. They manage land throughout Australia and they suggested some orchids that were endangered, and the collaboration grew from there.  Her friends produced watercolour paintings and illustrations around the theme of endangered orchids.  Emily then purchased the artwork and also paid the artists 10% of all profits from the range.  She then had fabric produced of that artwork, which is a core aspect of the limited edition range.  Nancybird are donating 20% of the profits of the limited edition range to Bush Heritage Australia.  The leather component of the range is kangaroo leather as Emily believes it has a lower environmental impact to the Australian bush.  They are part of an extremely small run, with only 30 handbags and 50 wallets made of each style.

Look, I could bang on about it all for ages but that's basically the low down.

This is a small taste, there are loads more, and all are available in store and on our website.

If you're down with the limited edition range, don't delay because each shop is only allocated one item of each style and once they're gone....they're gone....


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