Friday, January 28, 2011

You're only as cool as your last blog entry....

I'm more of a thinker than a writer.  Not in a wanky way, it's just pure laziness on my part.  It's far more fun thinking up ideas, but when it comes to having to sit down and execute them on paper, well, I get distracted.   Hence, this blog stuff is testing me.  

It got me thinking about how everything these days is so "now", like it dissolves, the moment it is said, or worn, or seen, or heard.

It's like we're all tweeting, facebooking, blogging, within an inch of our lives and as soon as we hit the enter key and the thought is hurled into cyberspace, it is old....and we are mindlessly frantically searching for that next big thing.

This kind of depressed me because I thought of Generation Y and how this affects them in the long run, always in pursuit of "next" and whether they will ever slow down and just be present in now.

But then I thought of the positive.  Words are only words.  I think when I was growing up, and in previous generations, we seemed to give them more power.  We worried more about what people thought of us, the gossip that would ensue if we dared to live a life left of centre or the shame our past deeds could bring.

I think this new way of living gives us the opportunity to dare to do or say whatever the hell we want, without fear of judgement of the masses.  And if they do judge, move on.  Bloody Quickly.  Who cares if Lady Gaga wears an outfit made of meat.  The sun will still rise tomorrow, and besides, that was sooooo last Tuesday!

So, when people say they don't like certain blogs because they are trying to sell stuff or dangle carrots in front of their audience of the latest big thing, I say, pfffftttt.  I make no excuse for the fact that sometimes my blog is about random stuff in my life, and sometimes, it's showing people new stuff in the shop.  It is what it is. 

So, as you approach the end of this entry, remember that it's already old news and past tense...and go forth and discover that next big thing....or anything else your heart desires, in wild abandon.


  1. love it! ....( even though i have already forgotten what it was about)

  2. Dear Connie,
    "HELLO" just wanted to say how much I loved and laughed with your 'boxing day carnage' post, went to 'follow' your blog, had a homer simpson moment, and it was'nt til today i found you again-thru the redbrick blog.
    Absolutely love your writing, something honest and refreshing, and funny!
    -aka Kelly (um, had a mighty sale in your front yard a few years ago, does that ring bells?) say hello to Kyla hehehehe

  3. Love reading what you write Connie! Love it. :-)

  4. Thanks Shanniqua. I love your writing. It's funny yet insightful and always welcomed. Keep it going. It's like sunshine. ;)


    P.s. How do u feel about your new found aunt, Patricia?

  5. Thanks for all your comments guys, make a girl blush why don't you!

  6. Sally....regarding our new sister Patricia, I think it's fabulous that Opi has a new found sister act...what do you reckon?