Friday, January 21, 2011

A bird in the hand.... soft, silky, decadent and sublime.  A Nancybird handbag that is.  Remember back in the 80's when we had "scratch & sniff" stickers, where if you scratched the sticker with a picture of a say, a banana on it, the sticker smelt EXACTLY like banana? I wish I had a "pat & melt" sticker that I could email to you to print off so you could have a virtual caress of a Nancybird handbag.

For those of you who have seen Nancybird handbags & wallets in the flesh, you probably have goosebumps right now...but for those of you who haven't seen or felt a Nancybird, you are soooo missing out.  I gotta tell you.

We have recently become Nancybird stockists. After years of scoping out the possibility and hoping that it would come to fruition, we can now throw our hands up in the air to the handbag gods and say our thank you.

Nancybird is a Melbourne based accessories label, focusing on quality materials and playful, thoughtful design. Much of the range has been hand printed by local Melbourne makers. All leathers are custom made in Italy in gorgeous seasonal colours. The collection has a distinctively Australian feel, using raw, earthy materials with influences from Africa, Japan and Central Europe.

Buckle Bag Black

Deco Wallet Sage

Buckle Bag Stone

Joni Satchel Sage

June Wallet Sage

Pebble Wallet Black

To celebrate the Nancybird fabulousness, we are having a Nancybird online sale.  All Nancybird handbags on our website are currently 10% off with free shipping within Australia.

Isn't it about time you gave yourself the bird?


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