Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Seemed like a good idea at the time...

A few weeks back, Kyla went to visit her nan in Melbourne for 2 nights and for some random reason I thought, "I could paint the kitchen & surprise her before she gets back".  Clearly, I am an idiot.  

We've lived here for 6 years and the kitchen was hideous.  It was like you were stuck in a bad Swedish sauna in 1981.  The pine timber was, to say the least, overwhelmingly hideous.  We kept putting it off because kitchens are so expensive, so I decided that I could wait no longer and damn it, if we couldn't afford a new kitchen, then we were just gonna have to make do with the old one.

10 days later, primer, sealer, undercoat, 2 coats of acrylic, 2 coats of enamel, evil aluminim windows, french fricken bastard windows, a gimp shoulder from RSI....and we're finally done.

It's always 12 months between renovations here, and that's why.  I always seem to under calculate the sheer monstrosity of the work at hand.  If I was a tradie, doing quotes & stuff, I would be broke - that I know for sure.

Anyhow, the renovation was called "let's do the kitchen with a budget of bugger all".

This is the result.  Not to everyone's taste I suppose, but I do love a tip scavenge....and I do love my wifey for helping me even though she didn't have to x

The Swedish Sauna before Jenny Craig

....and after Jenny Craig

we still have the ugly stone rock climbing wall...but that's another reno

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  1. Wow!!! It looks a trillion times better, well done :)