Wednesday, March 23, 2011

fear of commitment...

I love religious icons.  The trashier the better.   I decided to make up a little ghetto where my collection could all live, on a bookshelf in the kitchen.   After I set it up, I stood back and pondered the new neighbourhood that I had just constructed.  Which lead me to ponder the big picture.  The real picture. 

I looked at what I had created just out of stuff I had laying around, and it was quite surreal to think that the junky stuff I collect, was actually playing itself out in real life, on a world scale.  The little army dudes, US dollars, the fall of dictators like Sadam & the outdated currency they leave in their wake, Jesus and Mary hanging round, looking all heavenly (yet aloof), the mosque alarm clock which blares Arabic chanting each morning and arvo for prayers, and Quan Yin just sitting there watching over everything, like a good "Mother of Compassion & Mercy" deity does, ya know.

It freaked me out a bit.  I realised that I had no particular attachment to any of them, and that I was just covering all bases of my agnostic fear.

But like all propaganda for all religions...."I realised there was something missing".

The fact that, he with the biggest clout wins!  Whether it's religious political parties or different religions trying to sway democratic laws, he with the biggest guns wins.

That's when I subdivided my neighbourhood and called in the dude with the biggest guns of all.

Hulk Hogan is President of my ghetto and his guns trump all.... 

I no longer live in fear.

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