Thursday, April 7, 2011

art schmart

I recently did some new paintings for an exhibition at St Mel Gallery in Daylesford.  The theme was "Art is for Lovers".

The collection is called "I love her....and that is the beginning of everything."  It is a quote I discovered recently by F. Scott Fitzgerald and everything fell into place for this series based around the theme of Art is for Lovers.  Kyla and I are celebrating 10 years together this year, and when I read this quote, it just hit me in the heart, how poignant that saying is in my life.....because, meeting her, really was the beginning of my everything....(you can vom now if you want).

So, for all you lovers out there, each piece comprises my favourite love quotes of all time.

Some pieces have been sold already, but the remaining ones are on our website.  We have just added a new category of Original Artwork, so if ya wanna check em out, feel free.  They're on display in the shop too.

I picked up a spraycan last year and faced with the option of sniffing it or gettin' crafty, I chose the latter.

Say no to drugs kids x

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